Bought a pair of used Fox Floats R Evol for my sled for an awesome price. Installed them that night and was ready to ride for the am. Rode half a day the shocks lost air pressure. Took them back to Backus that afternoon to see if they knew of anybody who could rebuild. They send to Enderly that night and had them back by 5 pm the next night.
Thinking I would have to shell out big bucks to have them repaired, I got handed the shocks and told to have a good day riding. The best part, it was Everett himself who handed them to me. Never thought I would get warrenty on used parts.
That's customer service at it's finest. Every time I'm near Sicamous, I make it a point to stop by say hi and see what's new.
Thanks again Backus Racing.
By: Verle Pahl